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Wherever you are in the world, there is a Daily Zoom Crusade Prayer Meeting that you can join! See below the complete list of Daily Zoom Crusade Prayer Meetings that you can join. To join a Zoom Crusade Prayer Meeting, just click on the Zoom link.

Host CountryLanguage
Click on Zoom Link to Join
Canada                                     French5:00am EST UTC-4 (Sunday – Friday)https://zoom.us/j/96280557488
CanadaFrench5:30am EST UTC-4 (Saturday)https://zoom.us/j/96280557488
CanadaFrench8:00pm ATL UTC-3 Daily (Monday to Sunday) New Brunswick Maritimes time 
Tous les jours, à 01h00 du matin à Paris,
19h au Québec et 
20h au (Nouveau Brunswick in French)
AfricaEnglish7pm Nigeria UTC (Daily)https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85946662130?pwd=VjZrU1RSbWJSTlVJWUticWNyVnUzZz09
USAEnglish9:30am EST UTC-4 (Daily)
4:00pm EST UTC-4 (Daily)
USAEnglish11:00 pm EST UTC Wed and Sundays Only https://zoom.us/j/96280557488
CanadaEnglish9:00pm EST UTC-4 (Daily)https://zoom.us/j/96280557488
New ZealandEnglish8PM NZ Time – 6pm Sydney – 4pm HK – 9am London
(Tuesdays and Thursdays)
KoreaKorean3:00pm GMT+9 (Daily)

8:00pm GMT+9 (Daily)
VietnamVietnamese1. 8h30 – 10h30 GMT +7, daily.
2. 14h30 – 15h45 GMT+7, daily.
3. 20h00 – 21h45 GMT+7, daily.


AustraliaEnglish730pm South Australia time  (Monday)

10am Queensland time (Tuesday)

745pm NSW time (Wednesday)

11am Victoria time (Thursday)

7pm Western Australia time (Friday)

730pm North Territory  time(Tuesday evening)
(for all weekdays except Tuesday evening)

(Tuesday evening)

AustraliaEnglish (First Saturday National Monthly Rosary Vigil)730pm NSW time
(every first Saturday of the month)
730pm PH Time GMT +8
PhilippinesVisayan12pm PH Time GMT+8
PhilippinesTagalog330pm PH Time (Daily)https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87260281694
PhilippinesEnglishChaplet of Divine Mercy , 3pm PH Time (Daily)https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87260281694
CroatiaCroatian9pm Zagreb time  (every Monday)https://bit.ly/Križarskimolitvenisusret
CroatiaCroatian9pm Zagreb time (daily except Monday and Thursday)https://zoom.us/j/96074349637
CroatiaCroatianDaily Divine Mercy Chaplet 3pm Zagreb time https://zoom.us/j/96074349637
SloveniaSlovenian7:15 pm Ljubljana time (daily)https://zoom.us/j/96074349637
PolandPolishDaily Morning Rosary 7am Warsaw time https://zoom.us/j/95327393434
PolandPolishDaily Divine Mercy Chaplet 3pm Warsaw timehttps://zoom.us/j/95327393434
PolandPolish8pm Warsaw time Daily Crusade of Prayer Meeting https://zoom.us/j/95327393434
PolandPolish10pm Warsaw time daily evening Rosaryhttps://zoom.us/j/98051791910
Czechia and SlovakiaCzech and Slovak8pm Prague and Bratislava time (Daily)https://zoom.us/j/96280557488
HungaryHungarian7.30pm Budapest time (Daily)

Saturday Budapest time 12 midnight Prayer Vigil


RomaniaRomanian9pm Bucharest time (Daily)https://zoom.us/j/89012163476
AlbaniaAlbanian7.40 Tirane time (Daily)https://zoom.us/j/98051791910
Ukraine           Ukrainian8.30pm Kyiv time (daily)https://zoom.us/j/96692536925
International Vigil Gethsemane Multilingual9pm Central Europe Time (every Thursday)https://bit.ly/GethsemaneRegionalPrayerSession
 We pray 3 Rosaries to Mother of God, all COP and Litanies, and Divine Mercy Chaplet
German Speaking CountriesGermanMonday, Tuesday, Friday 6 pm Berlin Timehttps://zoom.us/j/93978808686
German Speaking CountriesGermanTuesday 8 pm Berlin Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671
German Speaking CountriesGermanThursday 9 pm Berlin Timehttps://zoom.us/j/93978808686
German Speaking CountriesGermanSaturday 9 pm Berlin Time   (winter time)
Saturday 10 pm Berlin Time (summer time)
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanishMonday, Saturday 2pm Costa Rica Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671 
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanishTuesday 3pm Puerto Ricohttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671 
Central America and Caribbean IslandsSpanishWednesday & Friday (Prayer Vigil)
8:45 pm Costa Rica Time
SpainSpanishMonday to Friday, 10 pm, Madrid Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/85946662130?pwd=VjZrU1RSbWJSTlVJWUticWNyVnUzZz09
SpainSpanishSunday 3 pm, Madrid Timehttps://zoom.us/j/93978808686
SpainSpanishTuesday & Friday (prayer vigil), 12 midnight, Madrid Time
Netherlands , Dutch-speaking countriesDutchEvery day – 6 am, Amsterdam Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/83107801276
PortugalPortugueseMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday – 3 pm Lisbon Timehttps://zoom.us/j/99345381674
PortugalPortugueseThursday 3 pm Lisbon Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671 
Portugal (only crusade prayers)PortugueseFriday, 9:45 pm Lisbon Time
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutchFriday
3 pm. Brussels Time
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutchMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday
3:30 pm Brussels Time
Belgium, Dutch-speaking countriesDutchSunday 8 pm, Brussels Time
Argentina , Paraguay, BoliviaSpanishMonday, Wednesday & Thursday 3 pm Buenos Aires Time
Argentina , Paraguay, BoliviaSpanishEvery day
9:00 pm and Thursday at 10 pm Buenos Aires Time
France and other francophone countriesFrenchEvery day
9 pm Paris Time
France and other francophone countriesFrenchThursday & Sunday
4 pm  Paris Time
ChileSpanishFriday 3 pm Santiago Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671
ChileSpanishFriday & Sunday  8:30 pm Santiago Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/9330122933?pwd=U0RSYUp4ZjcvYUR6ZTMzcUtPVnZUQT09
ItaliaItalianDaily 9:00 pm Rome Timehttps://zoom.us/j/9532739434 
ItaliaItalianDaily 2:40 pm Rome Timehttps://zoom.us/meeting/98051791910
Colombia , Perú, EcuadorSpanishWednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday  3 pm Bogotá Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671
Colombia , Perú, EcuadorSpanishFriday (Prayer Vigil) 12 midnight Bogotá Timehttps://zoom.us/j/94436974066?pwd=OFZiM3NncWxEWEhNS2w5bitWVVplUT09 
Philippines (Divine Mercy Chaplet)EnglishDaily 3pm GMT+8https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87260281694
IndonesiaBahasa Indonesia
Sunday 7:00pm GMT+7
Latin America & Europe Spanish speaking membersSpanish, Portuguese, EnglishThursday 3pm Mexico City Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671  

Latin America & Europe Spanish speaking members (Crusade Prayers)Spanish, PortugueseMonday & Wednesday
11:30 pm.
Mexico City Time
MexicoSpanishTuesday & Thursday
9:30 pm.
Mexico City Time
MexicoSpanishTuesday & Thursday
12 midnight
Mexico City Time
DenmarkDanishTuesday 7 pm Copenhagen Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671
SingaporeEnglish8pm GMT+8 (Tuesday)https://zoom.us/j/96263110596 
Spanish speaking countriesSpanishThursday 3pm Mexico City Timehttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/81636327671  
Spanish speaking countries (only Crusade Prayers)SpanishMonday & Wednesday
11:30 pm.
Mexico City Time

Daily Zoom Crusade Prayer Meetings Around the World

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