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Dear Jesus to Mankind Crusade Prayer Warrior,

You are all invited to attend the "Introduction to the Book of Truth" Global Seminar on August 7,2021, 9pm Singapore time. The seminar will give attendees an overview of the Book of Truth and the key messages/themes. It will also give them details about prophecies given in the Book of Truth that have already been fulfilled. We will also hear in the seminar some miracle and conversion stories. 

Here is the link to register: https://bit.ly/IntroBookofTruthAugust7

It has been over a year since the Lord moved to unite us all through the Jesus to Mankind Global Online platform. Online Book of Truth seminars and Jesus to Mankind Crusade of Prayer sessions have been flourishing despite the Covid19 pandemic restrictions, with new country Crusade Prayer groups joining the Mission of Salvation. 

But the Book of Truth is not only for us. It is for every single one of God’s children on this Earth. 

As God's Jesus to Mankind Remnant Army, we are all called to spread His Book of Truth.  

Jesus is calling all of us to be His Missionaries in these Last Times: 

"Go forth now, My precious, young army. It is time for you now to pluck up the courage to spread My Messages, which are being given to this generation in the world to remind them of Who I Am, why I saved you all from the depths of Hell and why I Am now reaching out to save you once more."

It is now easy for us to live up to this Missionary calling by committing to bring at least one friend or family member to attend this seminar.


Though we are all encouraged to register and attend, the Introduction to the Book of Truth Global Seminar is specifically created for non-JTM members and those who never read the Book of Truth. These would include non-Catholic Christians, atheists, those who belong to non-Christian religions, and even our family and friends. We are all children of God regardless of age, sex, color, or religion.

Please take note that we will not pre-register our existing database to this event. This is because the event is primarily meant for newcomers to the Book of Truth. Hence, everyone should register to attend the seminar. We need to make sure that each of us do our part in inviting our friends and family members to register and attend this event.


This concept of inviting more people to join the Mission of Salvation is very simple but requires our commitment. We are encouraged to invite at least 1 person to attend the seminar. Let this be our own personal mission for the Lord.

But our commitment does not end with just the sharing of the registration link. We must see to it that the person/persons we have invited are able to attend the seminar. 

We can help them register or we can register for them if they are not able to do it themselves. Then we can give them simple and short reminders as the seminar day approaches.  We can even use short direct quotes from the Book of Truth to remind them of the importance of the seminar. Like how you and I were touched by the Book of Truth, the most effective words to use to invite people are those of the Lord’s. 


This one-hour seminar will be in English only.  We will not be doing live translations for this event since the plan is for each country to re-echo the same seminar in the local language.

The people who are expected to attend this seminar are newcomers to the Book of Truth, and that's why we want them to have a very good experience.  If they attend and just listen to a live translation, they will not have a PowerPoint presentation in their local language - which makes the experience not too ideal for newcomers.

Hence, after this English event, we will be scheduling/organizing similar Introduction to the Book of Truth seminars in various languages.  

Here are the advantages of this approach:

1. Each country can record their own seminar and have it uploaded on our JTM YouTube page for others to use and share.

2.  It will be more effective because people can see and read the content in their own language

3.  It will grow the JTM Remnant in each country since we will be inviting people from our own place.

This program will be repeated once a month in every single country and will be the way to bring in more of God’s Children to join His Jesus to Mankind Remnant Army and fight for the salvation of souls.

We have less than 2 weeks to invite friends, family members, and community acquaintances to attend the seminar. Let us all work together to give others the opportunity to experience the Love and Mercy of God through the Book of Truth and help save souls through the Jesus to Mankind Mission of Salvation.


Jesus to Mankind Global

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